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December 04, 2006



Scary to think that the ACLU is inciting fear and hatred among new immigrants against the US government, and aiding and abetting law violators.

Why is the ACLU giving the OK to whitewash illegal activity and present it as baseless victimization.

Who monitors the ACLU????


I see the ACLU is staying true to their course of - let's do all in our power to bring America to its knees.

Sissy Willis

"Don't they know who they're dealing with?" Wasn't that His Higness John F. Kerry's line?


Someone else was there and he wrote about it at Solomonia:

He quotes the ACLU guy:

“It’s so dangerous when you talk to an FBI agent. They are there to trick you into saying things that will incriminate you.” –
Carl Takei, Board Member, American Civil Liberties Union, Massachusetts

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