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September 10, 2006



Now if only I could work a digital camera decently. LOL. Great job Miss Kelly!


I cropped the photos when I got back home, but they ended up not a crisp. Must learn photo editing! I was very glad to be part of that today.


They look great to me! My apologies if I end up tracking back numerous times - whenever I update it seems to want to do all the trackbacks to typepad all over again. Sheesh!


This is pathetic. Please take my advice and don't bother with something you know next to zero about. That "man" hanging from his ankle is a wax figure in a museum that depicts torture during the Shah era. The rest of your shallow take on Iran and Khatami is also laughable. Please spare the Iranian people from your "goodwill".


Siroos, are you the religious police? If so, I don't surrender. Are you going to whip me to death?

Check out Omid - a memorial in defense of human rights. All its citizens are dead - like the young girl whipped to death for swimming in her own backyard pool (a neighbor got a hard-on and reported her).

Laughable? No.



Cyrus the not-so-great, you strike me as a mediocre-at-best representative of the "Iranian People". I'm guessing you're either too young (or perhaps simply too comfortable still living in babajoon's big house here in the land of the free?) to know or care about the atrocities commited during and after the revolution with the implicit approval of so-called "moderates" like Khatami. Or perhaps you're just a Basij tool? In either case, you've yet to demonstrate why anyone here should take your advice on matters related to Iran. Out of curiosity, do your mother and sister wear a rusari or chador, Cyrus? In Khatami's perfect world they would.

Sissy Willis

Excellent work, MB. Sorry I missed it.


lol most of you guys make me laugh.

First of all, al-Qaeda attacked NYC, not Iran you idiots.

If you tools even had a brain, you would acknowledge that Iran and al-Qaeda don't like each other. Iran hated the Taliban and almost went to war against them back in '98 when 13 Iranian diplomats were murdered in Mazar-i-Sharif.

Khatami condemned the September 11 attacks, but it's not good enough for most of you tards. Perhaps many of you should apologize for the CIA coup that ended democracy in Iran back in '53 and installing the ruthless shah in power, sowing the seeds for Khomeini's rise to power 2 decades later?

What's lacking amongst you Rush Limbaugh loving wackjobs is the abilty to be self-critical.

And also, I suppose many of you forget the constant attacks Shi'as receive from al-Qaeda in both Pakistan and Iraq, but many of you conveniently ignore that for your own gain.

Losers, get a job.

Oh, and you're getting laughed at on MidEastYouth


Those posters have more of a clue than the tards there, and to think that they are Harvard students lmao

Miss Kelly

We're getting laughed at at MidEastYouth forum?! Heavens to mergatroid, we'd all better stop and go home then. We can't stand being laughed at!

Sorry, I don't take Khatami at face value when he says how wonderful dialog and communication are. Actions speak louder than words. And coming here on the eve of Sept. 11th WAS an insult, mostly on Harvard's part.

There's plenty to protest about what's going on in Iran now, and what went on in Iran under Khatami's watch. Everything in the world that you don't like is not the U.S.'s fault. The widespread, endemic dysfunction in so many Middle Eastern countries is not all our fault or responsibility.

There were many Iranians protesting at Harvard yesterday. Were they "losers" and "tools" too?


Lame attempt at sock puppetry cyrus/antistupidity. Too much of a kooni to post with the same name twice? The misinformation you're trying to spread re: AQ and Iran being bitter enemies makes me conclude that you are indeed a Basiji apologist. But you still haven't answered my very simple question. Do your mother and sister cover themselves?

I also can't help but wonder why a guy like you isn't living back in the homeland right now and instead chooses to pollute himself here in the US? If the peace-loving Khatami and Ahmadinejad are so awesome, what's preventing you and your family from basking in the warm glow of Persian democracy and fredom this very minute? Do tell...

BTW, great pictures Miss Kelly!

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