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September 03, 2006



Mrs Kelly, I presume,
Freedom of Speech you
Oppose. I must assume
You disdain those few

Whose points of view
Differs from that of you.
The right to express
Views seem to distress

You to such an extent
That you seem quite bent
On issuing veiled threats
To those you never met.

A bumper sticker inane
Make you seem to claim
If the driver is seen
In the town of Aberdeen

He or she will get into
Trouble. A thought new
Bothers you. It seems sad
That freedom makes you mad.


Max, there's no veiled threat in what I wrote. There is an implicit call to violence in the bumper sticker however.

You're confusing "freedom of speech" with freedom to be offensive, irresponsible and revolting. That's some high ideals you have.


Miss Kelly - the driver would be the first to tell you he's all for peace - just kill off the Pres and all will be well. Those people disgust me.

I know it's against the law to threaten a sitting President - I'm not sure if the bumper sticker applies or not, but it's disgusting. It doesn't matter who the threat is aimed at - I was not a Clinton fan at all, but would never even think to say he should be assassinated.

Apparently libs like Max above are under the impression that threats are considered "free speech" - not so and never has been.


God forbid that any physical harm would come to Bush. The thought of him acquiring a martyred like status is even more frightening than our present situation.

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