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September 11, 2006


Sissy Willis

A warm and wonderful tribute, MB. You've left a smile on my face. :)


Ironic that Chris has an older sister named Kelly.

Katie M.

As someone who personally knew Chris your tribute to him is very touching. For someone who never got the chance to meet him, you hit the nail right on the head-I know its cheesy but Chris literally was the nicest person I think I will ever meet in my entire life. His sense of humor was one of a kind. No matter how bad of a day you were having, he made it better in an instant. His smile was not only beautiful, it was contagious. I grew up with him--he was a very dear friend of my sisters and I am friends with his brother. Even 9 yrs later, his death hurts just as much now as it did then. I would give anything to just bring him back. The sun dowanr aeem as bright since before he passed away. Thats how I found your page. Every now and then I miss him so terribly that I google search his name and read about him, look at his pictures and remember him. Your page displays the legacy that we are all sure Chris would have wanted to leave behind. His friends and family all want him to be remembered for the true person he was--down to earth, friendly, happy and funny. A powerful symbol of this was displayed at his memorial service- the church was jam packed, standing room only with an overflow of people next door watching the service via a satellite in a school. All for a man who was only 21. Its a shame to think of all he could have done. Thank you again for your tribute and keeping his spirit alive.

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