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August 18, 2006



Not until 1981 did the notion of a 'crime of honour' or of 'passion' cease to be a defence in Italian law. So what's with the holier-than-thou attitude, Miss Kelly?

miss kelly

No Western country has or ever had "honor killings" to the extent and frequency seen in Middle Eastern countries. It's barbaric and hideous to murder young women because they have "become too Western" or are or marrying non-Muslims. It's apalling that it continues in the 21st century. It's shameful that it happens anywhere, and sickening that it's happening in Europe and the U.S. We should be "holier-than-thou" on this matter. It's wrong, it needs to be stamped out.


why should kill someone without going to trial, those who been killed without a reason i am sure they have been entered paradise

Muhammad Ali

This is so sad, I am Pakistani muslim, but I condemn such "honour killings". She was so innocent, all she wanted is to have a life in Italy, if his father was so against West? why the fuck he is living there? this is double standards of most Pakistanis. they condemn west for everything yet they live there. Pakistani women are sufferers of such great disease spread in all muslim societies, Islam disaprove such killings and these all are considered crime against humanity. Quran : Killing of one man is killing all humanity. I hope she is in Heaven. Allah be with her. I am so sorry my sister, you are another victim of tragic eastern values and customs. His father should be hanged publicly as to give public message that "whoever does this shall be punished like that"

Angry Pakistani


Go to hell, you dont desrve to be a father



Sadiq Khan

I think this father will go to hell any way. How can he live withn the fact that he killed his own daughter. As a Pakistani American I believe that these idoits should be shipped back to Pakistan or even worst Afghanistan after 20 years of jail in Italy.

These people are not muslims. They are barbarians using name of Islam to exert control.


i have no words for such bastards who can kill in the name of HONOUR. if they were so damned conscious about their Honour then what the hell they were doing in Italy and why the hell they had moved with a young girl of 20s to Italy. they could go to Saudi arabia....... or else could stay in pakistan.
HYPOCRITES. i myself am a muslim but i hateeeee .. such people. so sorry for you Hina.

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