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July 26, 2006



Two organizations that may be able to help:
Asian-American Network Against Abuse of Human rights

and the Islamabad Women's Welfare Agency (IWWA). The office is located in House 10, Street 43, F8/1, Islamabad, Pakistan, Phone: 051-2250199.


i am a poor man . i need a job
i am ready for everytype of work .
i am ready to become the sweaper .i am so poor
i have no money to buy the food for myself .i donot
understand what i do .here my sitution force me that
i am die by suicide .perhaps it is the solution of my
problem .you do my help .i am ready for work by geting
two time food i am suffer in trouble .if you
will help me .my life will be on line .it is the question of a life
please help me for the sake of humanlity .
There are many social workers and the people who help the needy people for
the humanity .
from adnan
[email protected]

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