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July 06, 2006



This is Boston, Miss Kelly. The perfect place for Muslim dirty tricks because they play the Irish political clan game so well that they can out-Irish the Irish.

I remember reading about this some months ago but don't remember the details. It's internecine warfare, something at which the Islamists excell. What they have done in Italy is utterly amazing.

Boston is going to get its head handed to it on a platter, with these dupes dressed as butlers for service.

Disgusting...reminds me why I kind of wandered away from theology in Boston 30 years ago...

I couldn't begin to blog on it: #1, it's more byzantine than my ADD brain can get its little fingers around, adn #2, it's too sad to contemplate things I can't make a dent in.

Is there any way to organize parishes or is everyone too demoralized by the ongoing pedophile carnage in the diocese?

Miss Kelly

The Archdiocese is MIA on this one. There's been handful of "interfaith dialogues" in some churches, that's about it. Yes, they've got their hands full with the child/teen sexual abuse scandal, financial problems, closing churches, etc. Too bad, just when the Vatican is speaking out quite bluntly about the relationship between Christianity and Islam, and the plight of Christians in the Middle East. That message hasn't made its way here yet. No, it's up to the Jewish community, one Boston City Councilor, and several concerned citizens to keep the pressure on here.

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