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July 11, 2006


Sissy Willis

Kinky, huh?

I'm still looking for a picture of Benedetto at the piano for you, but meanwhile, here's a fun part of the story:

"Pope Benedict Without His Beloved Piano as Movers Struggle to Fit It Into His New Quarters"


Sissy Willis

Got it! Read this, and then click on the link for that coveted picture of Ratzinger at the keyboard:

"You might say that there [his childhood homeland] Mozart thoroughly penetrated our souls, and his music still touches me very deeply, because it is so luminous and yet at the same time so deep. His music is by no means just entertainment; it contains the whole tragedy of human existence."


Sissy Willis

Putting my blogging where my mouth is, an excerpt from one of my Pope posts last spring:

"If only the heartstopping, breathtaking music of the Church -- from Gregorian Chants through Handel's "Messiah" and Mozart's "Ave Verum Corpus" and beyond -- could enjoy a rebirth of recognition amongst the great unwashed. It happened a little bit during John Paul's funeral and Benedetto's induction last year, when the cables took a break from all-blonde-missing-girls-all-the-time to focus on the pageantry and emotional shock and awe of one of western civilization's great cultural traditions. We were totally mesmerized.


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