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May 05, 2006


Sissy Willis

I still can't comprehend how these men can live with themselves.


What a beautiful young woman. How sickening. It's not enough to put the murderer in jail. More deterrence is needed, maybe taking other children away or deporting whole families when this happens. Much stronger measures are called for.


i completely agree, i knew banaz, she was such a good person, n im not jsut sayin that cos i knew her, she was a good friend, i dunt undastand the mentality of these people, how can they live with themselves, i hope they rot in hell!
rest in peace banaz

miss kurdistan

i knew banaz too, she was a beautiful person, but she was not forced into a marriage she chose to marry the man she did, but it did not work out.
But people really need to get there facts striaght before the start accusing people of doing such things, its bad enough banaz is dead but to then accuse the wrong man is messed up too.

May Allah forgive you for ur sins and let you rest in peace.

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