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April 11, 2006


Joseph Cangelosi

I first noticed this last year and remarked to the priest at the end of Mass "What's this about revolutionaries?" He indicated a change in "translation". I continued to think of it, almost wrote a letter to Bishop Meyers (NJ) and decided against it. But I continue to speculate that it is about Capital Punishment. If you want to change Catholic sentiment against Cap. Pun., you can't have a Gospel reading where the "good thief" says to the "bad thief", "we deserved our fate", but Christ was innocent.

I can't think of another reason that makes sense. By now we should have the aramaic, hebrew, and roman dictionaries down pat.


Well, aparently Barrabas was an anti Roman agitator, so "revolutionary" might not be too hard a stretch.


Except that Barrabas wasn't one of the people crucified next to Christ. Barrabas was let go. But yes, given the situation in Jerusalem, the Romans were no doubt quite concerned with those who were against Roman rule.

Domenico Bettinelli Jr.

The original Greek word used in that verse is "lestoi" which can mean either "thief" or "revolutionary." It is used in both senses in ancient Greek writings. Mark 15:7 uses a derivation of the word to refer to Barabbas as a revolutionary.

I guess the translators of the New American Bible decided to use "revolutionary" instead of the more traditional image of the two crucified thieves. Incidentally, the Revised Standard Version uses "robber".

Joe Sherlock

Hi .

I just wanted to let you know that you've been quoted in the Wednesday (4/11/06) edition of my blog, 'The View Through The Windshield.'

I hope you enjoy my blog and visit it often. If you do, tell your friends.


Joe Sherlock
'The View Through The Windshield'

PS - I enjoy your writing.

Phyllis Roberson Schott

Just wondered if you happen to be the Joe Cangelosi who grew up in Baltimore, MD and attended City College. I attended Eastern High right nearby, and was thinking about all the goings-on during h.s. with girls plotting against other girls. Please write back if you are or know the Joe C. that I am talking about.

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