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March 03, 2006



You were kind enough to mention my human rights litigation re Dr. Aafia Siddiqui.

Well next date of hearing at Islamabad Hi Ct before Chief Justice Sardar Aslam Khan is 6th Oct at 8:30 am.

The Ministry of Interior anmd Foreign Ministry Secretary (= US Secy of State) have ben ordered to file Answers to my AMENDED HABEAS PETITION supported by Affidavits. Ministry of Foreign has been ordered by the Court to send a fulklky briefed responsible official conversant with facts to Court. The Deputy Attorney General has been directed to appear.

I have asked the Court to impose sanctions (send to jail + fines) since in nearly 3 months the Govt has filed scurrilous comments but no substantive Answer. That is their tricKKK of Trade to obfuscate, delay indefinitely.

I also wrote to U S Attorney that AAfia is unfit to stand trial. That he should exercise PROSECUTORIAL DISCRETION and withdraw charges even withouit prejudice, repatriate her and when she is well, commenceproper Extradition Procedings in Pakistan.. this will generate goodwill for USA.

As an America, Harvard trained lawyer, I felt his writing to U S Dist (TRIAL) Judge was unnecessary in response to my letter.

I may add that Aafia is not US citizen, but her her son and daughter (except youngest son) are US citizens.

I am rushing this to you .. un-reread for typos as I have plenty on my plate, thinning resources because I am practising civilliberties law in the land of Mullahs and Moolaw on the take on the Double.

You MAY KINDLY include this in your blurb on Aafia.
BEST Regards
Barrister Syyed Iqbal Jafree MA LLM PhD HonLLD DLitt FRSA PC

1 Mozan Rdoad Lahore phone
00 92 345 426 6785
email [email protected]

Barrister Iqbal Jafree of Slarpore

I must add that the Govt of Pakistan had promised to lodge a complaint in the Int Court of Justice if AAFIA is not repatriated by Nov 4, 2008 (EIGHT); now it is 13 months later, nothing useful has happened because some "high" Govt of Pakistan officials are invol;ved as partnedrs on CIA/FBI in brutally kidnapping/Renditioning Aafia in 2003.
Anyway the next hearing date is 21st Decdember 2009 at the Lahore High Court.
ONE GOOD THING, finally a criminal First Information Report has beden lodged and registered today by the Karachi Police at the Gulshane Iqbal Police Station. It took 7 calendar years to register the FIR. BARRISTER Syyed Iqbal Jafree, 11 Omer Plaza, 1 Mozang Rd., Lahore,
Phone +92 345 426 6785
em: [email protected]

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