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March 15, 2006


David Avera

It will boil down to two choices ... Remington 870 or Mossberg 500. There are various models of each and each has its proponents. Either one will do the job.


I too am in the market for a first shotgun, and the Remington 870 is by far the frontrunning recommendation I've been getting. The Benelli Nova is also getting high marks, but the Remington is almost certainly what I'm going to pull the trigger on, so to speak...cost effective, durable, lots of aftermarket accessories, easy to maintain, good for hunting/skeet, the choice of law enforcement everywhere, etc.


I concur with the 870/500 recommendation. Go with a shorter barrel if you're using it for home defense. You could also look into getting an attachment for a tactical flashlight.

Dave Bruegger

1. A .22 is not bad for home defense, if that is all you need and practice with the .22, you are a serious tactical problem for an intruder.
2. Never give up your tactical advantage by disclosing your position or the fact that you are armed by loudly working the action of your weapon. You want surprise on your side.
3. Shoot several types of shotguns before you buy. Your local gun club should be able to help you with this. Once again, proficiency is more important than type. Get something that you will shoot, and that fits. Then if you need it, in the dark, half asleep, you will be ready. What you paid for the shotgun will be the last thing on your mind in a gunfight.


To back up David's post, your basic 12 gauge pump gun is the most versatile firearm you can own. the ammo you feed it will determine the activity yo engage in. I have an 870 myself, but the 500 is also a decent gun. As for price, if you have a local gun shop you can probably buy a used one for decent money. Good sized gun shows also serve up bargains. Good luck.


Which Remington 870? There are quite a few shown on the Remington Web site.



I recently purchased a Winchester model 1300 8-shot Defender for home defense purposes and have been extremely happy with it.


H. Combs

In a pump, Remmington 870 with a slug barrel and rifle sights is my first choice. You might also consider a "coach gun", a short, double barrel 12 guage with or without external hammers. The point is you don't want to have to actualy use it and I found that the sight of those two gaping barrels to be an excelent deterent. If you choose external hammers them cocking the hammer gives the same warning as racking the pump on a pump-gun. Choose something that feels good to hold and looks scary as hell.


Concur with the above. You can buy alternate barrels for other applications (trap, skeet, bunnies, etc) for either the Rem or the Mossberg.
Try one on before you buy.


Concur on the Mossberg 500. Good price, reliable slide-action, five in the magazine... ask about the 18" riot barrel, for sure.

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