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January 15, 2009


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Oh man, I totally disagree with you my dear.

In all honesty, your dear President and his lovely bunch of advisers were doing a bit more than just white-lying, don't you think? Why would you expect Americans to be any different to the rest of the world? Because they appear to be more "Christian"?

The financial crisis isn't happening because of all those honest Americans, think about that for a minute. And yes, you guys started it!

miss kelly

Harlekkkin, the observation was made by a Kuwaiti, not by me.

Financial crisis caused by lots of things, a perfect storm of 1) banks required to provide mortgages to people who couldn't afford them, 2) deregulation of the credit industry, 3) bubble in the real estate market, and 4) greed. The financial crisis may have started here, but it followed some dozen or more years of incredible prosperity around the world, largely powered by us guys too.

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