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January 13, 2009



Where is your church? I want to go there! I really would love to have those beautiful chants of those "common" parts of the Mass in Latin, as opposed to some of the crazy "pop" arrangements that we get, especially during the Advent and Lenten seasons. (Although we have been doing the "Kyrie" in Greek during Lent for the past, at least the "Kyrie eleison" part of it. And the "Agnus Dei", too, especially during Lent.) I would love to have them switch to the "Gloria" and "Credo" in Latin. I'm sure that it would be a steep learning curve, but it's just so beautiful to hear, and i would love to be joining in the singing of those versions!


And I second (or "third") the sentiments about returning to the traditional way of receiving communion. There are two reasons - first, I definitely feel that it would increase the reverence that is justly owed. Second - many times the ministers of Holy Communion (especially the Extraordinary ministers) are befuddled when you want to receive the Holy Eucharist on the tongue. You have to practically lean down to where your mouth is just where your hands are to receive! I vote for bringing back kneeling for Communion either at the communion rail (which are mostly gone.) Or bringing portable kneelers and putting them in place, and making that the *preferred* option. It should have never been taken away, receiving in the hand should have never been permitted. And while i'm at it, Extraordinary ministers should be rare and few in number - if we cannot take a few extra minutes for the reception of Holy Communion (and without crazy Communion "hymns", might I add!) then it is just not being understood, appreciated, or received in the proper way.

I'm sure that many will disagree - but I think that it is SO important to restore greater reverence to the worship celebration of the Mass! And I think that the Communion part of the Mass is an excellent place to start!

Thanks for listening...

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