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December 11, 2008


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Clearly, in this pedestrian's mind, this should go before a Grand Jury.
FINCOM, as I related in earlier comments is little buit a cluster of titles. Somewhere, in all this, I sense a death of civic life from OD's of political correctitude, appeasemnt to it..and greed.


AG Coakley will do nothing. The Municipal Research Bureau will be afraid to cross the mayor. Will the Globe and Herald add their voices? Not likely. Powerless in Massachusetts.

Former Bostonian

Interestingly, in the winter of 2006, a group of Muslims in Boston attempted to stand up to the MAS / Ikhwani domination of the new ISB during closed meetings regarding one of the new ISB's different services. But in the end, no one stands against MAS / MB in Boston. You won't get the financial or community support you need, so people either capitulate and grumble under their breath, or throw up their hands and leave.

Miss Kelly

Former Bostonian, you are not the first Muslim to point out that MAS has a stranglehold on Muslim organizations around here. There is a whole lot of grumbling going on! Apparently, it's impossible to go against them and their conservative ideology. How sad for Muslims (and non-Muslims) that MAS/MB has monopolized the Muslim organizations. And how pathetic that Christian and Jewish interfaith groups, the City of Boston, and the Boston Globe are unwittingly (?) backing the Muslim mafia.

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