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December 01, 2008


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Touching upon the later citing, I labelled FINCOM as less tha useless.
"The Vault", (Boston Banks and Business leaders) I believe support the Municipal Research Bureau, run by Sam Tyler.
FinCom is a closet in which political hacks hang their bragging rights. They could no more order an investigation than their office pencils. It's a part-time job for individuals who, being less than dynamic, see it in the other members as well,and then adjourn.

Former Bostonian

The Phoenix article claims that the ISB are of Saudi heritage. They, and by they I mean MAS, tend to be Egyptian, Moroccan, Jordanian, Palestinian, Lebanese, and Syrian. I never met a Saudi when I lived in Boston and worked between the different Muslim community groups, including ISB.

Miss Kelly

Thanks for the clarification on ethnicities of the ISB/MAS leaders. So Saudi funding (largely from Saudi Dr. Walid Fitaihi), but not necessarily Saudi control?

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