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November 08, 2008


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wow, just wow.

Historic election and all you rabid wingnuts can do is dream up ways to torpedo the next president at any cost.

Way to show yourself for the partisan hacks you are. Country first my ass.

Conservative principles above country, or country be damned. We all know how your (un)conservative principles have ruined the country.

I'm looking forward to the years and years your party will be left in the wilderness, soul searching. We;ll have a seat for you at the table when you grow the frak up, and decide to bring true conservatism back to it.

This is the reason why my generation had a hefty hand in kicking your party to the floor.

miss kelly

Like the man said, "I want to defeat liberalism, not cooperate with it."

Don't worry, -Rama, soon enough you'll probably be bitterly disappointed with your Dear Leader. I think he'll face much angrier criticism from the Left than from the Right.

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