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November 19, 2008


Arfeen Iqbal

Maybe the reason DR. Siddiqui was moved to the Carswell Psychiatric Centre was to ensure the truth never comes out, as it would not help the image of both Pakistan and the USA if it is proven an innocent woman and her THREE CHILDREN were held in prison for 5 yrs without any proof or a hearing. It is beyond my comprehension why the children were taken into custody they were not a threat to anybody and it is very sad that to this day two of the children have still not been returned to the family.


Held in prison where and by whom, Mr. Iqbal? It's sort of a silly supposition, when she was sent for psychiatric evaluation at the request of her own legal counsel, as court documents show. How exactly would a temporary stay at a federal hospital ensure that "the truth never comes out"?

I do want the truth to come out, which is why I wanted to see this go to trial. Siddiqui was somewhere from 2003-2008, but I bet she went underground herself.


I think the psychological evaluation worked in her favour. It gives her the option to plead insanity. They can not hold her forever without a trial. If they can not improve her mental state she will have to institutionalize her. I see no reason why that couldn't be in Pakistan.


They will have to institutionize her I mean. She can't institutionalize herself.


I am enclosing a document which shows her medical and mental evaluation.

I am not saying this is conclusive. It is worth remembering she was declared unfit by other experts.

Anyways I just hope the truth comes out and her children be found and if she is innocent (not just because she is a muslim) she be released.

The matter is fishy and anything but straigth forward.

It starts today.


Ups forgot the link:


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