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August 17, 2008



When I read about everything in Aafia's handbag I could only picture a file-cabinet shaped tote from 'L.L. Abu Ben'.
I worry as these details get reported as to accuracy and access to the investigations.
I've known Steve Emerson, Investigative Project, for nearly thirty years, and long in advance, we asked how these cases would be handled; not only the Geneva's, but in all elements; legal and political. Al Kafiya and related groups fall into subversion. Consider, as well, the propaganda. It may not suit the 'closet-cavalieres' and 'snakeeaters' who would spread lead, but the US Government should have at least have been 'moot-court-training' for these moments.
It's the same war for which we train to shoot, raid and then what....

Hmmm. What pro lays down a live weapon. That pisses me off.

Sherry Cooper

The FBI complaint sounds like a cheap Hollywood flick. And Miss Kelly is just eating it up! I find Miss Kelly's rantings amusing :)

Sherry Cooper

The biggest terrorist in this world is the Bush admin and mindless morons like Miss Kelly who (I don't think intentionally -as a moron is not purposeful) are tearing down the Constitution of the United States. Unfortunately some people in the gov't do torture and mindless morons support it. People are detained and treated horrendously and without charge, and mindless morons support it. Due process and habeas corpus? If Bush and mindless morons had their way, our children's children will be asking "what is that?" Our founding fathers must be rolling in there graves!

Angela H.

It's funny that the FBI claims Aafia to have a "treasure trove" of info on terrorists and NOT ONE CHARGE AGAINST HER WAS FOR TERRORIST ACTIVITIES. Shoot I believe that she was tortured at Bagram, the U.S. got caught, and now they are doing damage control with this ridiculous story about her attack on armed men while being interrogated! Laughable!

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