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August 06, 2008



I read Instapundit's defense. He's right in an absolute sense. Most anyone and anything can be corrupted.

In a practical sense, in the real world, you and Robert Spencer are correct.

Instapundit states he fears the evolution of memetics, and that a doctrine will be found. Well, let me say that his precious secularists with their Darwinian doctrine are far closer to that corruption he fears than are Christians.

So, from Insty's arguement, we ought to keep a close and careful eye on secularists because y'know, its only a matter of time. Its been said that Timothy McVeigh was an atheist. How long until they follow him?

If you dismiss that threat as silly, then how much more quickly must you dismiss the worry that Glenn suggests?

More seriously, this is an attack on Christians by an urbane secularist. It reveals his stance which is too close to the 'religion of any kind is the problem' silliness.


Glen is right on the memetic evolution. There is no reason the core tenets of the Christianity or Buddhism will change, but the spineless of the powers-to-be (state or big company like Random House) will give an incentive to grow the level of violence used.
The use of the violence is not, for itself, wrong. E.G. If the state don't protect the people, the people will start to organize to protect themselves. Against the Muslims and against the State if it is in the between (because the state find easier to disarm the victims and not the aggressors).

Christianity have the concept of self-preservation and self-defence (there is a line, or two, in the gospel about selling the mantle and buying a sword).
And when the groups understand that the state will not protect them, they will start to protect themselves. But I doubt this will be done with proper procedure and following the books.

A spineless government, that is unable to impose his "monopoly" on force, call for private groups (religious groups, political groups, economic groups, ethnic groups and any overlapping group) to start using force to defend themselves first (sometimes reacting to an attack and sometimes preempting an attack).

Violence from a fundamentalist Christian of Jew or Sikh or Hindu groups could be simply be the destruction of private property. Jesus whipped away the merchants from the Temple, without injuring or killing anyone. Mortal people could be not so skilled, and things could go out of control. Then reactions could happen from both the sides.

miss kelly

Thanks for your comments, Tennwriter and Mirco. I realize that Glenn was also slamming Random House for their cave-in, but it was a slap at Christians (again). Undeserved, I'd say.

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