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June 26, 2008


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michael Iwanowicz

The Latin Mass (AKA - Tridentine Liturgy) is offered weekly at Mary Immaculata in Newton. And, St. Adelaide's in West Peabody begins a weekly 'latin Mass ' on June 29th.

Other parishes in Boston are looking at provding the 'Latin Mas.'


miss kelly

Thanks, Deacon Mike, for the info!

Last week we had both ordinary form and extraordinary form. I found that the Latin Mass is a bit rich for me for a regular diet. But the ordinary Masses were more formal and "worshipful" than the average church Mass. I prefer an ordinary Mass with more decorum, no EMs, some prayers in Latin prayer and/or Gregorian chant. And music from the choir loft or back of the church, not next to the altar.


Amen to this thread! I don't know why "we" "prefer" to sing the kind of things that we do - I long to have our music director choose "Holy Holy Holy" for the entrance hymn (if we can't have a proper Introit). Unfortunately, it's probably about time for the choir to drag out the tambourine for a rousing rendition of "We shall gather at the River" (and usually as a post-Communion "meditation" hymn! I never really considered the tambourine to be very meditational.) Any votes for "Jesus, My Lord, My God, My All!" ???

Thanks for keeping the faith!

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