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June 09, 2008


Former Bostonian

:( I can't find the banana peeling fatwa on that site. I can find plenty of other nonsense on it, but not this particular thing. I would hope that people like the original article's author, as well as those working to shed some light and ask the important questions about dodgy dealings in the Muslim community, always, always have proof or sources to back up the things that we're saying. Otherwise, we're just feeding the victim mentality of the Muslims, particularly groups like MAS.


Is it haram for a girl to wear a hijab with rabbit ears on it ?

miss kelly

Malik, that is hialrious, thanks for pointing it out!


This fatwa is also interesting.

Asker: Could you please give me a detailed analysis of what a Virgin women should do after being raped. Please could you tell me if the Virgin female should perform any special prayers, fast etc. JazakAllah for your advise. 2)Has she lost her Vaginity as she was raped? 3)has she also lost her blessings?

Ebrahim Desai answers: "If a female was raped due to her not maintaining the laws of Hijaab, she is partly to be blamed as the rapist will be considered as being seduced by her revealing form and shape. She should make Tawbah (sincerely repent) by also adhering to the laws of Hijaab."

Note how he fails to address the question of orgin. Instead it becomes a justification for the scarf and a favourable defence for rapists.

The moral:

Wearing scarf = no blame on rape victim!

No scarf worn = partial blame on rape victim!

How could a chance would a girl without the scarf stand in an islamic court in an islamic society where such fatwas are published by men who should know better.

To link clothing to rape is just absurd.

Appalling yet we dont even bat an eye when reading such fatwas. No alarm. No protests. No anger. No muslim even mentions it on their blogs. No outrage at Islam being depicted this way. Shame.

This goes to show, that we can not follow muftis, imams, or whoever blindly. Use common sense.


More fatwas of wisdom from this mufti:

DNA is not proof of rape but pregnancy is. Also the 4 witnesses!


Islam does not acknowledge marital rape according to this mufti.

more "wisdom" can be read at askimam.org :)

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