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May 06, 2008


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God is above His creations. what you said above "a time of special prayer and devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary (BVM), the Mother of God" is quite hypocritical in itself..if Mary were the mother of GOD-which she isn't..then it would make her above GOD herself and origin of everything in this life would come from her. then you go on to say, contradicting yourself "We do not worship Mary, we worship God." so you claim that May is a time to pray and be devoted to Mary, yet you don't worship her you worship God while Mary is still above God as God's mother..???? hmmm...
someone's confused..

Knowing who God is doesn't have to be that complicated. Every Prophet came with miracles that the REAL ONLY GOD blessed them with. Adam, the first of humanity was born without a mother or father-if you can believe that then it should be easier for you to beleive that Jesus was born with a mother but without a father. If you can believe in the special reverance towards other Prophets like Noah, Abraham, David, Solomon, Moses..and the miracles that God enabled them to do..then why do you claim Jesus's attributes more than that. Your books of today are not like the books of back then. If you want guideance you'll get it..because the true GOD promise to guide those who are sincere in wanting to know the truth. But if you are too comfortable where you are, then be warned that there will come a Day when all of your sayings, actions and disrespect will prove you guilty. For the worst thing anyone can do is to blatantly lie about GOD and saying He is the same as His creation, has children, needs us, and deny the truth that HE is only ONE, not one in 3, not 3 not how many people claim he is. Christianity was way back when a monotheistic faith..but the praying to the statue of Mary, or to the dead, or any of this nonsense is pretty much invalidates monotheism of worshipping ONE GOD.

rather than questioning the thoughts of muslims as you often do on this blog..you should do that of yourself first.

miss kelly

Muslimah, I almost removed your comment, which denigrates my religious beliefs. Then I decided to leave it up, as an example of how obnoxious some people can be about other people's religious beliefs. Islam includes a lot of fantastical things as well. Flying horses and all that.
It's nice to think your holy book is unchanged through time, but archeological research shows otherwise.

On my blog, I question the dogma and actions of Islamic radicals in the U.S. which threaten our society. I see countless examples of American Muslim clerics and leaders telling Muslims not to make friends with non-Muslims, not to marry non-Arab Muslims, telling American women that their husbands can take additional wives even here in America, telling Muslim women that running and laughing are "unIslamic," not to mention support for suicide bombing and trying to institute shariah law here. These beliefs are antithetical to our society. As long as there are wacky Muslims saying wacky things, I'm gonna call it out. As long as people linked to known terrorists are setting up shop in Massachusetts, I'm gonna call that out too.

You may not like what I'm doing, but I'm not blankly denigrating your religion or claiming that it is false.

j kactuz

It is always interesting to see a Muslim criticizing the faith of others. When the favor is returned, they go crazy - and threaten, preach hate and even kill.

Muslimah, perhaps you should look at the hate and violence in the Quran - and in Muslim societies - before you start telling Catholics what they believe or how they should live. Perhaps you should consider the life of your dear prophet (and the 26 raids, the plunder, the enslavement of men women and children, the murders, the rape of the women by his men, etc. as written in the hadith) before criticing others for "devotion."

Tell me, is it OK to love and respect a man that did all these evil things that you prophet did? Read your own traditions! Read Tabari, Muslim, Bukhari, Hisham and Kathir. Apply the same standards to Mohammad that you apply to others (I mean non-Mulims). Ask yourself about all those special priveleges given to Mohammad in the Quran(by Mohammad for Mohammad). Isn't it a little suspicious?

Oh yes, Allah uses the plural "We" in the Quran just like Elohim (God) in the Bible. Think about that. Is it just a literary device or is "we" Allah and his messenger? (a frase used a million times in the Quran). In fact if you dare read the Quran it seems that Mohammad is a junior partner to Allah, even getting 20% of all the loot (although I doubt that Allah ever showed up at the tent to claim his share).

The violence in Islam is nothing but a reflection of the violence of its founder. Think about that for a while, please. I would love to debate you, even if I am not Catholic and cannot speak for them.


PS: Muslimah, Do you believe that non-Muslims are lower than animals? That is in the Quran. One last thing... Mary is NOT part of the trinity as stated in the Quran (In case you didn't notice that verse!)


misskelly, God will be the judge of who is denigrating who's religion..you are a liar..you do nothing but bash us at every opportunity with your writings, glamourizing the negative while ignoring the positive. honestly, rather than just being angry at you and kactuz..i feel sorry for you both..

misskelly, you are a hypocrite..or just denying to accept the truth then because if you say you are not blatantly saying Islam is false then you must agree that to some extent it is the truth, and your writings here obviously deny that, right??

you go ahead and call out the terrorists, you go ahead and call out the bad muslims and put them in the light as those who are rpacticing and good..but then dont get offended if someone takes your practice of ideology and tears it apart as well..

kactuz, get a clue before you speak of Prophet Muhammad and both of you should get a clues before you start talkign abotu Prophet Jesus too..may God give them both peace & blessings.

one more thing miss kelly, if you are so dedicated to your own religion, then talk about its good, its positives and the commonality of both practising Muslims and Christians..isnt Christianity about love? Honestly,I think you are not a good example of a strong practicing Christian because of your hate towards Islam and Muslims..and your backward interpretations of things throughout your blog.

oh and back to kuctuz.."WE'-if you know anything about the classical arabic language in which the Quran was revealed in has nothing to do with plural form..but then again your reading skills seem a little off because I never claimed Mary being part of the trinity..educate yourself before you try to educate others, that goes to you too misskelly..

some of the worst of people, the worst of disbelievers when they were sincere to knowing Islam-God opened their hearts and they found it true and the courage to admit their faults. so i can't help but ask God to guide you both, as I ask Him to guide me as well..

because the Day is coming and every limb of every body is going to be questioned..and our words here will be held against us if we utter any falsehood..especiallyagainst the Truth..

question yourselves before you question others..confirm it with evidences not with conveniences..

no need to post this if you believe its that obnoxious..

claim as you say, but know its being accounted for and on the Day of Reckoning it will all be put forth infront of you..infront of all of us.

miss kelly

Let me guess, Muslimah, you're a "revert," aren't you? Thank you for your comments and your prayers.

I reject your claim that I'm bashing all Muslims. To Muslims such as yourself, though, ANY criticism of any Muslim person or any Islamic practice is the considered the same thing as bashing ALL Muslims. Very unfortunate that you think this way, but not surprising. There's an element of supremacism that runs through fundamentalist Islamic thinking. How dare a non-Muslim criticize anything Islamic?!

Criticism is good, it helps us assess and correct ourselves, as well as hone our arguments. That is why I thank you for your criticism, Muslimah.


Maybe in your interaction with Muslims you have seen a certain sense of confidence in their dedication in Islam claiming that it is undeniably the Truth. Maybe its this convinction that intimidates you and why you claim Muslims who actually practice whole-heartedly by good intentions of pleasing God leading towards good deeds for His Sake have an element of supremacism. But rather than get defensive it should be a time for reflection on your ownself to ask yourself why you do what you do. When you are kind is it 'just because'? In Islam deeds mean nothing if they are not aimed for the purpose of pleasing God. So when devout Muslims sees someone who is non-Muslim doing a great deal of good-then it is not appropriate for us Muslims to put them down, nor degrade them-rather we should support them in their good actions, join them, and hope that they will be guided to the true meaning of Islam (submission to God throughout all actions of life-His Will over our own selfish desires as humans).

If the term "fundamentalist"means to stick to the fundamentals of faith in One God, in His Angels, His Books, His Prophets, Day of Judgement, Life after Death in either Paradise or Hell, in God's Divine Knowledge of Fate and Destiny..if it means to believe that He is only One, that Muhammad is His LAST of many Prophets, to give in 2.5% of my yearly income in charity, to fast for 30 days with breaks at night during the month in which the Quran was first revealed in, to have the intention to go share an experience with Muslims from all over the world regardless of color, race, nationality, language, social status and put my head on the ground to praise God along with them...to send food to my neighbors and smile to strangers, to guard my modesty and raise my children to be moral productive and educated citizens..to help the disabled and respect the elderly..to love people and to be a supportive member of this human race-regardless of their faith towards righteousness regardless of one's faith..to speak out and do things against injustices & evil..and to think, reflect, and act upon every deed with the intention of pleasing God..then to be a fundamentalist is not a bad thing at all.

It is true that there is corruption running through some "Muslim" minds, and it is evident in there actions through their speech and actions-but to believe those Muslims as true Islamic identities as role models is doing no justice-just as to point the finger at a priest who molests little innocent boys does no justice and is not fair towards Christianity.

If a non-Muslim criticizes anything "Islamic"-it would be wise for the non-Muslim to know what is truly Islamic and what is not Islamic before calling an Islamic action "islamic" or not. Shouldnt be about pointing fingers-which actually is all gossip and slander.

You can reject your claim all you want of bashing Muslims, you can go ahead and a passive aggressor towards Muslims and Islam as you are very good at, you can pretend to in fact love Muslims..that is your business-but don't expect silence when you make your business public on this blog or elsewhere..

and because you asked, i am actually pleased that you think of me as a "revert". Revert Muslims tend to be stronger in their deen, and God knows the status of one's faith more than the person him/herself. But sorry to disappoint you MissKelly, I am not a revert at all..just one Muslim who was born this way, raised this way, public schooled this way ,and grown up this way in your neck of the woods-Boston. There is an awakening process that happens with people like me if you must know..in Christianity they call it 'born again christians' in Islam maybe its just called a deeper sense of faith and its importance that sometimes grows as one gets older, and sometimes is negated..

my email address was wrong above..sorry about that..i have corrected it for you MissKelly if you'd like to email me..

no need to thank me for the cricism, wasn't doing it for your sake..i'm sure by know you know who I was doing it for..

another piece of advise to take or to leave: sincerely direct your deeds to God and ask Him for guideance because no matter who we are-every human is need of that.

miss kelly

Muslimah, no, I'm not mistaking "confidence in their religion" with supremacism. I could give numerous examples, here are just two. A local Islamic center distributes boilerplate wills, courtesy of the ISNA, which specifically states that no non-Muslim can ever inherit anything from a Muslim's estate, not even a family member. A local imam and some of his followers demanded that an Islamic center be cleaned after a Jewish rabbi attended the opening of the center. That's not religious "confidence", Sister. That's religious disrespect, if not outright hatred. This mentality has no place in our society.

I don't know, you accuse me of being defensive, but I think the pot is calling the kettle black here.

No more dawah on my blog, please, Muslimah! Do keep on praying for guidance though, for all of us.

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