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April 05, 2008


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» "If you want to avoid turbulence, you have to stay at home" from sisu
Never one to avoid turbulence if it means gaining access to the cat-food larder, Babe assertively applies the Think System yesterday atop the late-afternoon kitchen counter during the countdown to supper. The visit should be seen and interpreted in the [Read More]


Sissy Willis

Thanks for the kind words and linky love. 'Am looking forward to your dispatches from the front April 20. :-)


We did not get tickets. Sad.

miss kelly

That IS sad! It's regrettable that the world situation has changed so much since Pope JP II's visit. I attended his Mass celebrated on the Boston common in 1979, there was a huge crowd, estimated at 400,000! Can't do an open mass like that that today.

What a price we pay for security, financially and mentally. We are less of an open and free society due to radical terrorists who would try to use that setting to cause mass deaths.

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