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April 08, 2008


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Heidi Saxton

This year at "Canticle" (the Catholic women's magazine I edit) we've dedicated space in each issue to the 20th anniversary of Mulieris Dignitatem, and plan a special article about the Holy Father's visit on the actual anniversary (August).

Seeing our Holy Father here will be such a thrill, an opportunity to be reminded of how we as Catholic women do so much to "aid humanity in not falling" not by our own power, but by the graces of the Church Christ founded to guide us safely to heaven.

Thanks for this uplifting message! Blessings...

Sissy Willis

"It is a model of separation between Church and state, at the same time it is a country with a significant public role for the religions."

That's just right. Beautiful post, m'dear.

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