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January 11, 2008


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Care International Leaders Not-Guilty - God Bless Judge Saylor for having having both wisdom and courage, and for recognizing the great injustice done by the jurors in convicting leaders of Care International based upon fear, loathing, bigotry and hatred. My faith in our justice system is renewed.

miss kelly

Not all the charges were dropped. Two of the three defendants were found guilty of some of the charges. So your claim that the leaders were found not guilty is incorrect.

Any fear and loathing is for those who come to this country, abuse our freedoms, raise money to wage violent jihad across the globe, and think that they get a tax deduction to boot. It was a short-sighted decision. I believe the feds are going to appeal.


Yes Miss Kelly, the feds will certainly appeal and waste even more tax payer dollars pursuing this matter. One wonders how much their terrorism expert Matthew Levitt received for his testomony. Of course, he couldn't remember how much he was being paid when questioned at trial. One hopes he remembers to include that six figure income when he files his tax returns.

miss kelly

I'll gladly continue to pay taxes for the feds to prosecute these guys. I'd rather see them get deported, but that takes a long time too. We don't need bad people in our country who exploit our openness and freedoms, and spread religious hatred and violence around the world. I'm all for making them uncomfortable here and encouraging them to go back to where they came from.

Speaking of fees, who do you suppose is footing the legal counsel bill for the hundreds of motions filed by Muntasser and the other defendants? They've got a very big team of lawyers, with some big names and Manhattan law firms behind them. This has to have cost them millions already. Somebody's got a Sugar Daddy and he probably resides in the Middle East.


Ah now Miss Kelly, youre showing your bias. If somebody had a sugar daddy, why would he be here raising a mere pittance for those widows and orphans. No, somebody earned his money the old fashioned way - he worked hard for it. Tsk, tsk. Oh, and while youre railing about sending people back where they came from, where did YOUR people come from? We are a Nation of immigrants in case you have forgotten.

Speaking of spreading religious hatred and bigotry around the world, that is a picture of the Pope isnt it? Takes one to know one.

miss kelly

Darwin, $1.7 million is hardly a "mere pittance."

My grandparents came from Ireland. They never raised money and sent it back to radical groups in Ireland to blow up cars and murder school children.

Yes, we are a nation of immigrants, but in the past we've been a nation that sucessfully assimilated immigrants. There is no need to welcome immigrants who adhere to a violent, supremacist ideology. I'm definitely biased against people who support jihadi terrorism, no question.


And so your grandparents never made donations for the benefit of widows and orphans in the North of Ireland? Never sent moneys to support the families of prisoner's in the Maze Prison? Because if they did, they are no different than Care International. Blowing up cars and murdering school children? Oh, my. Did the government know they were doing these things? My, my, my. Miss Kelly forgot to enlighten the prosecutors that she knows more than they did about the activities of Care International. This is a waste of time. Miss Kelly does not want to be bothered with facts now that she has already made up her mind. Such a pity.

miss kelly

No, dear, my grandma and grandpa didn't.

Time for your own blog, I'd say!




Surely it's more than foolish to leave this story unamended on your website. In July, 6 months later, Judge Saylor ruled that the federal case had been shoddy and crippled by false reasoning, ordered the immediate release of one defendant and further examination of the cases against the two others.

As for the Department of Justice claim that Care International is a body founded by a (eek!) man with an Arab name, a quick look on the web shows that this body is a genuine international charity, formed by 12 national such charities in Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Denmark,France, Germany, Holland, Japan, Norway, Thailand, United Kingdom and -- good golly, Miss Kelly -- the United States of America.

No Muslim states there, huh?

Your story puts the question about whether the DoJ has yet learned how to run anti-terrorist cases successfully. Judge Saylor has answered it.

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