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January 03, 2008


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Sissy Willis

That John Tierney is one good man. I don't know how he ever landed a column -- plus a blog! -- at the Gray Lady. Maybe there IS a God? ;-)


I have to order a new pair, but the warmest boots I have ever worn are Steger Mukluks (mukluks.com). They are moose hide with a removable liner. I've had a short pair for about 15 years and they finally need to be replaced.

And when I say they keep feet warm - there is no better testimony. I'm always cold - even in a warm house. I can't wear them to do any distance walking when the temp is over 30 degrees because my feet will get too hot! We used to walk our dog in every temperature in Chicago so even -10 to -15 I never had cold feet.

I saw their ad in the back of Alaska Magazine when my daughter was at the orthodontist and sent for a catalog (pre internet days!). I bought some and I've never considered another winter boot - ever.

I'll have to look into the mink coat - that looks excellent. Animal hides have been used as a method of keeping warm for a reason - because they WORK!

miss kelly

Teresa, are you talking about Steiger Mukluks from ELy, Minnesota? They're THE BEST! I would love a pair, I've heard people say exactly what you did. I keep dropping hints to Mr. Claus about getting a pair of those. Maybe next Christmas!

There are very good quality used furs avaiable at most fur salons, for a fraction of the price of new. People trade them in, like cars.


Yes, that's them! Although I will admit that they can slip - at least for me - even though they claim no sliding... I was using my yaxtrax on the bottom of them last week to plow our drive.

My problem will be sleeve length in any coat I buy. Generally the arms are too short, but I'll look around. :-)

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