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November 09, 2007


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» "Blame someone else and sue" from sisu
November mornings are for napping. Tiny drifts off to slumberland, her paw still sticking out through the opening of her chosen aerie -- a box of slides recently banished from one of our studio drawers [What are we going to [Read More]

» Mark Steyn at Temple Emanuel, Newton from Solomonia
Mark Steyn made a local appearance on Wednesday night, and I was there taking audio and video. Several others were there as well, and have already written things up. Start with Miss Kelly here and here. Also see couchtiger, semper-fido,... [Read More]



Apologies for the lousy quality, but this URL points to a cellphone video of the first 15 min of this lecture: http://volvoxx.com/videotron/jw_media_player/

miss kelly

Thanks, Quackking!


Sorry that I missed it, MK.

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