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November 13, 2007


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» Terror Financing Trial in Boston! from Solomonia
Miss Kelly has the info on a new Federal terror-funding trial starting up here in Boston. Actually, the charge is tax-evasion... Federal Trial in Boston for 3 Former Leaders of Islamic Charity Is the tide turning in Boston? Are the... [Read More]



Gee Miss Kelly - maybe we should skip the trial altogether and just put them in jail. Oh, wait - I forgot - this is the U.S. - we don't do that.

miss kelly

Certainly not, these trials are very enlightening. For example, in this trial, we've already learned about e-mails such as this one from a jihadi publishing house: “The need to rid the Muslim Ummah of its traitors and those who stand as obstacles in the path of fighting the enemies of Allah, is greater than the need to fight the enemies themselves.”
I love these trials!

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