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October 09, 2007


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for the other side of the story regarding frank gaffney's carelessness in this documentary, read: "Black Muslims Carelessly Maligned by ‘Conservative’ Media: Misinformation at Root of Controversy Over PBS Documentary," at http://bhonline.org/blog/?p=22

miss kelly

I wasn't terribly convinced by that article. One woman from the Nation of Islam objected to some elements of the film. Big deal. In my mind, the most important questions are 1) to what extent was PBS trying to water down the program, and 2) was PBS EVER going to broadcast this documentary? From what I've read,the answers are 1) a lot, based on criticisms from Islamists (the very focus of this documentary), and 2) I don't know.

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Go see the film and decide for yourself!


LOL - excuse me but why is it that some of you who lean toward this film are seemingly incapable of balance? you say "one woman from the NOI" but the woman made clear from the article that she is not a member of the NOI, nor was the NOI mentioned in the documentary.

anyway, some of you - including gaffney - are just really RIDICULOUS on this and evidently have no interest in equity and accuracy. some of gaffney's information in the documentary was inaccurate, that's not equivalent to someone "objecting" to the documentary, as the "woman" - had no other problems with the film. but, i'm sure that's neither here nor there for you and others as you all gleefully choose to stick your heads in the sand and carry on with an inaccurate charade.


So sue me, I got NOI and ASM confused too, in my quick read of the article. Like I said, go see the film and decide for yourself.

I found it VERY interesting that Ms. McLoud said "the fact that people chosen [as interview subjects] were lone rangers and didn’t seem to have a following was something all of us found problematic.” Huh, whaddya know? Muslims who speak out about radical Islamists don't have much of a following, they're "lone rangers." Gosh golly gee,I wonder why on earth that is?! Maybe it's because Muslims who say anything that's considered to cause fitna for the ummah can be considered apostates. Maybe they're afraid of being shunned by the community, maybe they're afraid of physical harm, which has befallen Muslims around the world who speak out.


*shaking head* you all are really some "pieces of work." shame you don't also find it VERY interesting that ms mccloud pointed out the FACT that gaffney had inaccurate and misleading info in the documentary. all the man had to do was correct his error but evidently he was too arrogant and did not want his propaganda to be toyed with. and you're defending this?


another thing, why should anyone trust anything that's in the film when it's been shown that gaffney & crew had no problems using inaccurate and misleading information?


Maybe there are inaccuracies in the documentary, maybe Frank Gaffney is exploiting this situation. Maybe the PBS really did shelve this documentary because it goes against their liberal mindset. Maybe Ms. McLoud is the one who is inaccurate here.

I recommend that people go see the film and decide for themselves. Dr. Zhudi Jasser ofn the American Islamic Forum for Democracy also promotes and recommends this documetary. Must be a good reason for that.


yes, by all means, keep your head in the sand. there is no maybe about ms mccloud being inaccurate, she's accurate on the error she pointed out. but as you are making clear, that's neither here nor there for those who lack equity and ethics.

and my last question still stands, the whole documentary is suspect considering that gaffney, rather than acknowledge and correct his mis/disinformation, went with the inaccuracies anyway. then on top of that, manipulated the situation - and the gullible - into believing there was some big conspiracy out to keep people from seeing "the film PBS doesn't want you to see." what a joke! LOL

folks can see the film but bottom line is, given gaffney's clear tendency toward inaccuracy, manipulation, and the spreading of misinformation - he is 100% unreliable as any people who do their homework, should be able to acknowledge and see.

and that is the final word.


Sorry, lgc65, I'm not going to condemn the entire documentary based on what Ms. McLoud says. You may not like Mr. Gaffney or agree with his politics, but I doubt that Gaffney is "100% unreliable."

I hope that was your last word!

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