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September 04, 2007


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My sister is an avid tennis fan. I have stated to her (much to her displeasure) that I think women should be paid the same as the men when they have to play the same number of sets to win. Period. Same pay for the same work. (isn't that what "equality is all about?)

Well, she tries to explain to me how women's physical characteristics mean that they can't play like that. And so if they play the to the level of their ability... they should get paid the same.


There have been periods where the men's matches were utterly boring because the "big serve" was everything - sounds like they are back to actual play again. Glad to hear it.

miss kelly

Interesting comment about men's tennis getting boring due to the aces. Must be due to the fast surfaces and new racquets that can generate such power. But the end result for both men and women is often boring slug-fests.

I greatly prefer the finesse matches between players with a complete game over the power game. Plus those power players are simply not going to be able to play like that for long. It beats up the body.


I think that eventually the men just got used to seeing serves coming so fast and figured out how to respond to it.

Way back in the day... it was fun to watch McEnroe, Borg, Connors... even with the hissy fits. Because they played finesse games.

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