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August 22, 2007


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» "The real pilgrim goes on foot" from sisu
According to the website of the walled Tuscan town of San Quirico dOrcia, the medieval pilgrimage route between Canterbury and Rome called Via Francigena was a series of local paths and trails of various widths and various materials -- built [Read More]

» Making nice from sisu
Blogfriend and frequent commenter Gayle Miller of And thought YOU were Cranky has tagged us with a Nice Matters Award for those that are just nice people, good [distaff] blogfriends and those that inspire good feelings and inspiration! Sugar and [Read More]


Sissy Willis

Where's the trackback, fergossake? I added a link to your post in an update to mine . . . Hmmmmm.


well, Chaucer's pilgrims ended in Canterbury... but it's still cool.


from one via Francigena advocate to another .... take a look at our guidebooks, just out, after much pain and strain.

You can get to them through our website www.pilgrimagepublications.com

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