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July 28, 2007


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What is this about prayer time in school? Muslims can pray "qaza" prayer (make up prayer). That is an established Muslim practice.
Why don't you ask some Muslim scholars on this issue?
The flying Imams issue.....the three relatives of Hafiz Saeed were also supposed to go to that but ICE had started moving in Boston. I wonder if the Federal Government checked the biographies of all the ones who flew? You are allowed "qaza prayer" in Islam that 1.2 billion Muslims follow. These Imams were traveling and there are many Hidith about travel and "qaza prayer".Media should understand the difference between Islam of normal Muslims and
Political Mileage Islam (or is it Frequent Flier Islam?)


Pakistan is a country carved out to be an Islamic Republic.
Ask the Flying Imams or the Imams Who Could Not Fly because of ICE: Do all schools/colleges/universities have no classes at prayer time
in Pakistan? What they do not have in a 90% Muslim society should be imposed in a society where Muslims are 2 %? Is that Frequent Flying logic?

miss kelly

Azzam, I love that phrase, "Political Mileage Islam." I had heard that Muslims could recite their prayers at a later time, but I didn't know the term. Thank you for that info!

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