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June 17, 2007


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Another blogger

I totally agree with your comments. Except Tom Brady made the decision for Bridget that she would be an unwed mother. She would have married him in a heart beat and it was his selfishness and immaturity that is keeping this baby from having his father.


Tom looks bad in all the scenarios. No matter the cause of the breakup, his rapid and public moving on has humiliated the mother of his baby. And his lackluster comments about his future child ("challenge", something he must "deal with", not a "big deal", etc.) make him look like the worst kind of creep.

I think this is probably in keeping with the attitudes of many unwed fathers who refuse to marry their baby's mother. But it's never nice to see, and it's almost always the woman and child who get the short end of the stick. Although I don't know all the facts, I think this probably aplies to Bridget... so my sympathies are with her (and the child).


Tom looks bad! My opinion is she looks bad. He dated her for 3 years and she still did not have a ring, she just turned a year older and her TV show was sucking so she was also out of work and approaching 40. All fingers point to her dumping her birth control and trying to take matters into her own hands. It backfired. He did not love her enough to marry her, but she is the one responsible for the situation. Tom Brady does not have to marry a woman he does not love, but he does have to support his child, which I am sure he will do.

miss kelly

Oh boy, here we go again!

Yes, women do pay a heavy price when there are unplanned pregnancies. The men get to pretty much walk away and start over. Thus it has ever been, despite the fervent, utopian wishes of feminists.

Holly is biased

Just ignore Holly. She is a rabid Brady fan who posts against Bridget on every site possible. She doesn't care one way or another about the issue of babies and fatherlessness. For her, the only issue is making Tom Brady look good.


Ever notice how women are referred to as 'unwed mothers', single moms, unmarried, etc.? Yet you will never see an article on Tom Brady that starts with the preface, unwed father, Tom Brady. Or single dad, Tom Brady.

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