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May 30, 2007


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Miss Kelly ably fisks the MAS's press release here: MAS Claims "Victory" in ISB Lawsuit/ Mahdi Bray's Wife is Morgan Fairchild The Boston Herald reports on itself, here: Islamic group... [Read More]


Kobayashi Maru

If someone holds a virtual 'gun' to my head and tells me to "shut up or else", he doesn't earn the right to claim (after putting down said gun) that a) he's the victim, b) I acquiesced fully to his demands, or c) his act was motivated by peace, tolerance and a simple desire to practice his religion.

Re. "interfaith dialogue", let's start with this little mind-twister:

They say Jesus, as a prophet, should be taken at his word. Jesus said he was the son of God. They insist he was not. Which version do they actually believe?

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