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May 10, 2007


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Joachim Martillo

I have to note that Orthodox Jews routinely state that Jews are hayevei mitah (a Hebrew phrase meaning "liable to death or execution") upon conversion from Judaism.

ElBayly was not clever enough to make his comment in Arabic.

Although there are some famous recent cases where Jews kill Jews that convert to other religions (or introduce minor reforms to Jewish practice), most of the time no one actually carries out such death sentences under the assumption that God will deal with the sin of apostacy.

miss kelly

I don't know if what you say is true or not. But I don't remember hearing about any Jews who were arrested, imprisoned or killed for apostasy, as has happened recently Afghanistan, Egypt, Malaysia, Iran, Kuwait, Sudan, Pakistan, etc.

"ElBayly was not clever enough to make his comment in Arabic." Rich!

Ron Newman

Jonestown? Think you mean Johnstown.

miss kelly

C'est ça, merci.

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