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March 12, 2007


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Albeit more than 2 years too late, I would suggest asking her own personal stance on

- wifebeating
- other muslims' views the hijab is not even mentioned as dresscode in the Quran, neither is hair or head.
- rape as direct or indirect result of failure to wear the hijab or dress modestly
-death penalty for apostates such as meeted out in the hadith/sunnah/traditions/narrations ascribed to the prophet Muhammad.
- rape of slaves as per hadith and Quran and how that fits into her theory on western colonization being solely responsible for the downfall of Islamic prosperous era
- Taliban and their sharia supported ruling
- child brides (no age limit in the Quran as girl can be married although not menstruating as opposed to those who menstruate AND those where menstruation has stopped due to mature age)
- Muzammil Siddiqi's pro- wifebeating stance (he is also part of ISNA with Ingrid)
- Qaradawi's view on punishing/blaming rape victims when they fail to be modesty dressed (read wear the "hijab")

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