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October 23, 2006


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Seva Brodsky

Those disruptive "free speech lovers" were from the LaRouche "movement" -- as they were standing outside singing, they were also distributing some wacky LaRouche brochures.

Good old Lyndon must've found his new vocalese calling while passing time in jail -- they did sing well, but they could not think well.

Before they became disruptive, I could tell who most of them were in the audience -- they had that glazed-over grungy look, and many had metallic rings in parts of their faces -- I figured they couldn't be "objectivists" :-)


Thanks for the report! Sadly, I wasn't able to attend.

You made a factual error at the beginning of the post. The event was put on by Objectivist Conference www.objectivistconferences.com

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