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July 14, 2006


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I am anxiously awaiting the pendulam to swing back to the "normal" idea of sexy too. I've had enough of seeing mothers and daughters dressed alike in sheer navel-bearing shirts, thong revealing hip-hugger jeans and whatever else may be the skank couture of the day.
Anyways, I think there is a huge difference between slut and sexy, unfortunately slut fashion has mistakenly been interpreted as sexy which it's far from. Just my .02 :)

miss kelly

"Skank couture"
That's a great term! Yes, it's not enough to be atttractive anymore, you're supposed to be hot. If someone made "Gilligan's Island" today, there wouldn't be a Mary Anne, there would be two Gingers. And they wouldn't be alluring and elegant, they'd be trashy and practically naked. "You've Come a Long Way, Baby?" Not hardly.

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