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April 28, 2006


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Excuse me but just like its normal for people to cover their busts and all, so is it normal for muslim women to cover their heads. The police should hv called a female officer to check n remove the woman's scarf in a seperate room or something. What kind of respect is it that women are checked in such a stupid manner in public by men!!!


Zurwah, the saying goes "When in Rome, do as the Romans." Police in Chicago (or anywhere else in this country) don't have to abide by your particular practices, and especially not for someone who assaulted a cop. The Police Department has better things to do than find female officers to deal with female Muslim offenders. The rules of searching suspects for security reasons apply to everybody.


so did dey find a gun or nething?? my point is dat women shud be respecyed and if u thnk woman shdnt, well wat can i say? othrs shud. ok so she dd da wrong thing of assaultin a cop, but still some aspect of being a human shud b dere.


I would like to point out that the article says "she was ACCUSED of assauliting and officer." It does not say that she was convicted. The last time I checked the rule was innocent until PROVEN guilty. Her rights were violated. Just the same as they have female officer search any other woman for contriband....they should have done the same in her case. They did this because as most non-muslim attitudes have shown here...they just don't respect other people's right. This is coming from a people that have made up the rules as they've gone along and changed them at will...in every country/land they have ever invaded. Nothing has changed.

miss kelly

Stop your whining, convert. A security search has nothing to do with whether someone is guilty or not. Go find another country to live in then, something more in line with your new religion, See how many rights you have in KSA, Iran, Pakistan, Mauritania or Malaysia.


Missykelly... you are your self an immigrant to this country... you call the real people native americans and yourself an american.. so you should trace back ur 4-fathers and go live in europe or Africa or may be China...


Miss Kelly, you have a lot to learn :) Be wise.

miss kelly

Rina, please tell me what more about what you think I have to learn.

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