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April 28, 2006


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The way many women think its nice, comfy and normal to show skin, muslim women prefer not to. They don feel comfortable to show skin as they beleive in what their religion says. Its truly wrong that many people beleive that muslim women are opressed just because they cant show any skin and want to guide their modesty properly. I, myself am a muslim female and i havent at all been forced to wear hijab. But i chose to wear it.I am speaking from most of the muslim womens point of view and not just mine.And it would be really nice for the rest of the women to just respect our clothing preferences and not go around commenting about it.


Thanks for your comments, Zurwah. It's very nice that you chose to wear hijab, and I'm sure that has great meaning for you. Many young girls and women around the world do NOT have a choice whether or not to wear hijab. If they don't wear hijab, they're insulted, beaten and are spit on. It's great that you have a choice, but many others don't.

Secondly, you might have chosen to wear hijab as an adult, but many girls aren't given the choice. At a Walmart's store last week, I saw a Somali woman with two young daughters, one about 5 years old, the other was a toddler in a baby seat. Both little girls had scarves tightly tied around their heads. What choice did they have in the matter? None!

I admit, I don't respect the choice to wear "modest" clothing when it completely covers a person from head to toe. It looks ridiculous to my eyes, and it cannot do anything but hamper one's athletic performance. Funny how Muslim men don't have to cover themelves and can enjoy themselves at the beach, but Muslim women have to cover up. Covering oneself up to this extent is objectifying the body every bit as much as walking around in a bikini. They are opposite extremes, but both draw attention to the female body, and that female body becomes more important than the person within.


Oh, puleeze. Miss Kelly, why don't you give us credit for having brains? At least in our bathing suits one doesn't wind up looking like a wrinkled hag at thirty and having skin grafts to cover the holes made from where the cancers were removed by forty.

Your disapproval doesn't bother me a bit; I have a negative reaction to people who wear darn little clothing. Sheesh.

Miss Kelly

OK, you have brains, lots of brains. But I don't get the fixation on hiding your body. It's a human body, it has bones and muscles and fatty tissue. We all have an imperfect human body. I'm no fan of immodest dressing, but the full body coverage at the beach or a swimming pool is just silly and pointless. If the point of modesty is not to draw attention to yourself, why the blue bunny suit?

Again, a simple question, wouldn't that woman like to feel sun and water on her skin? And why don't men have to wear blue bunny suits?


Maybe u should have asked her, cos no one else can answer for her. Besides, it really is none of our business if she decides to wear a "bunny suit" or go nude. Like they say in Nigeria, why are u using tylenol for another person's headache?


I would just like to say as an American woman that was raised in the Christian faith now converting to Islam. Modesty is something that is required by God. Whether you be "Christian", Muslim, or "Jew". Whether a person chooses to adhere to the requirements is there choice. I can remember reading about times of the EXACT same type of modesty here in America before the world was turned upside down by the roaring 20's. So I say close your mouth and learn your history and maybe even your faith (if you have one). People that have faith realize it is not all about us. This is bigger than wanting to feel the sun on ones skin and the water on their body. For the record also, there are rules that men also have to adhere to for dress and modesty. Set by The Creator. If you don't believe modesty works. Just look at the staticstics. Yes you are right some women don't have a choice. Or more over just like the Somali woman you say they choose, like most respectable God fearing people, to raise their children in the way they see best. To give them the values they want to instill. Just as you have/will instill your value of virtually no modesty in your children. To each his/her own. On the last day we shall all find out who was right. One the for sure. I would rather be on the end of doing more than required rather than less than required when it comes to pleasing the Creator.

miss kelly

Converts are the worst, so much more close-minded than most Muslims brought up in that religion. Talk about "holier than thou."

That's God's sun shining on your skin, creating vitamin D, and that's God's water splashing on your skin.


but eeeewww! I'ld hate being out with my flesh all showing. I'ld feel like a slab of meat on display. there has to be (in my mind) a difference btwn animals and humans. I'ld rather forgo the "feeling God's water and sun on my skin" in public.

miss kelly

You're only a "slab of meat" if you think that little of yourself. People at the beach in swimsuits are just that, normal people at the beach in attire appropriate for swimming. Unless you are a stunning beauty, you will be ignored. Most people don't get excited about normal bathing suits.

Wearing the head-to-toe blue suit, though, now THAT will draw lots of attention to yourself. That would seem to be the opposite of the famed Islamic "moderation in all things."


yes dressing different (by covering completely) in this society may draw attention to you- but so what if they stare- there is nothing to see!! No matter how hard they look they will never know what is underneath which is precisely the point.

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