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March 26, 2006


Sissy Willis

Dhimmitude must be nipped at every opportunity.

Dan Crawford

We take the poetry of hymns and make them politically correct. What next, Shakespeare? The Bible? (Oops, I forgot - the culture nazis have begun that work too.) Cultural fascism must be resisted anywhere and everywhere.


Hrm... didn't one major denomination (the Methodists?) remove all references to blood from their hymnal several years back?


Take a gander at some of the "translations" of Latin texts such as the second verse of Panis Angelicus as published by OCP. They aren't translations at all. Well intentioned, I'm sure, but ham-handed none the less.

OCP - The Hidden Hand Behind Bad Catholic Music.


Miss Kelly needs to be careful where she puts the blame for the "alternative text" for Amazing Grace. The cause of this revision was the more rigid Catholic theologians who determined the original text of this Protestant hymn affirmed the Calvinist doctrine of the utter depravity of Man. They refused to allow it to be admitted to Catholic worship without this editing.

I guess some ecumenical comfort can be taken that Miss Kelly has set aside the former disputes about salvation and grace.

miss kelly

Thanks, Katherine, for the info on where that change in wording came from (although I didn't actually assign any blame). My belief is, if you didn't write a song, then you can't change the words. Others can argue about theology.


Some would call that "theological liberalism" -- theology is not important, good music is.

I think sweeping under the rug the theological differences between the Catholic faith and Calvinism all in the name of a false ecumenism is a mistake.

You mentioned you were "sitting in Mass" and that you found "Amazing Grace" while declaring that the Catholic version "is is not an improvement over the original, neither in the phrasing nor the meaning."

Maybe we should just leave Protestant hymns outside of Catholic worship. But as you acknowledge it is a hymn that is beautiful. Adapting it to Catholic theology does not seem to be the worst sin.


as a former Catholic - altar boy, student and CCD survivor and now born again believer- the truth is most priests are not saved and neither are the bulk of the attendees at the church. Their most important concern is what motion to do when and the best parking spot to get the hell out of there fastest.

Roger Pelizzari

Miss Kelly,
I am a songwriter and just so you'll know, both poetic and songwriting traditions are full of borrowing and changing and we all benefit. The revisions reflect changes in our minds and hearts. We no longer believe ourselves EVER to have been wretches. We know we are born not to suffer but to enjoy the transcendental. Thank heavens for change.

Roger Pelizzari

RE: the idea of keeping oneself acquainted with darkness is completely contrary to simple physics and even common sense.

Whatever you put your attention on grows in your life. If you want grow darkness, go ahead but I prefer to grow light in my garden.

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